In light of its legalization in multiple states, the drug marijuana has certainly made its presence known in our country. Americans may habitually smoke weed or consume pot-infused baked goods like brownies or cookies. However, some people are turning to a more potent alternative to gummy bears or joints. Potentially toxic, marijuana concentrates offer stronger doses of THC (delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive chemical that induces “highs” and can induce more severe levels of anxiety and euphoria. Let’s take a closer look why the extract is so explosive (in more ways than one).

Bees Did Not Make This Honey

Marijuana concentrates are sticky masses that are synthesized from the Cannabis plant. Typically, these substances resemble honey or butter (depending on consistency) and commonly go by the street names “honey oil” and “budder.” Commonly, users will consume the drug via drinking (infusing beverages with marijuana), smoking, and vaping (using e-cigarettes). These concentrates are distributed in three forms:

  • Hash/honey oil: a gooey liquid or ooze
  • Wax/butter: similar to lip-balm in consistency
  • Shatter: a thick substance similar to hard candy

Additionally, marijuana concentrates are known as 710 (the reversal of the word OIL), ear wax, butane hash oil (BHO), dabs, or black glass. Each form is potentially lethal, containing 40 to 80% levels of THC (about four times as strong as concentrations in commercial marijuana).

Beware: Explosive Content

One of the most dangerous aspects of honey oil is its explosive capability. One particularly infamous extraction method involves the use of butane (a solvent that is highly flammable). As part of the process, a person will fill an extraction tube with marijuana before pouring butane into the funnel. Once the chemical evaporates, the waxy marijuana concentrate is created as a byproduct. However, the procedure does not always go as planned. Additional research reveals that multiple explosions in residential homes and apartments have taken place as a direct result of marijuana concentrate extraction involving butane.

In addition, the use of butane can produce dangers side effects in users. Butane itself is carcinogenic, and traces of the chemical (left as residue in marijuana concentrates) can impair the brain and destroy the nervous system.

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