Everyone seems to have an opinion about the drug called marijuana. For nearly 100 decades, the drug has been popular for medicinal and recreational purposes, and historical figures have been more than happy to shed light on the positive or negative effects of the drug. Many people in the cannabis community and members of esteemed groups (including the Mormon Church) have shown avid support for legalizing the drug. Not surprisingly, people continue to give their opinions about cannabis (from the 1960s to today). Let’s take a closer look at how several famous people have perceived marijuana.

Bob Marley

SOME HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES ON THE USE OF MARIJUANA During his lifetime, renowned singer Bob Marley shed more than a positive light about the drug. He shared over one thousand quotes about potential benefits. While the reggae singer did not succumb to marijuana use (for which he could be considered symbol), Marley proposed that the cannabis plant was less dangerous than alcohol and could lead to less troublemaking. Were he alive today, the singer would have most likely been a spokesperson for its legalization.

Barack Obama

The former president of the United States took a more restrained view on cannabis during an interview with the New Yorker. Initially, Obama refused to admit to smoking marijuana during his college years but did reveal he experimented as a child. Overall, he stood firm on the negative impact marijuana can have on health and well-being but stressed that the drug is more of a crippling habit (like the cigarettes he used to smoke). When asked if marijuana was more dangerous than alcohol, Obama simply stated that it is only dangerous if you excessively consume it.

Louis Armstrong

The New-Orleans born trumpet player is considered an idol in the music industry. Pioneering the modern jazz movement alongside other renowned artists, Louis Armstrong was renowned for his incredible skills on the trumpet, his incomparable presence, and a voice that was one-of-a-kind. Still, did you know he was also ahead of his time in the marijuana debate? Louis Armstrong offered his opinions about the drug far before its legalization. Like Bob Marley, he was adamant about how the drug was a much better alternative than alcohol due to its calming effect.

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