The process of smoking marijuana has evolved significantly from the rolling of a joint, hasn’t it? However, this practice has ascended to new levels from the glass bong or pipe. Now, people are inserting packets into e-cigarettes to vape cannabis (or THC). While there is not arguing that marijuana is a potentially addictive (or, to an extent, life-threatening drug), scientists have once again added a new discussion to the great marijuana debate: does vaping marijuana produce the same “high” as smoking, eating or drinking it? Let’s take a closer look and see why this question is so significant.

To Vape or Not to Vape?

While members of the marijuana community claim that vaping cannabis should lessen a “high,” some users have reported feeling calm after inhaling the oil. In general, eating, smoking, or vaping marijuana produces a feeling of euphoria and relaxation that can help people relieve stress or sleep. Likewise, the drug has been revered by some doctors for helping patients cope with pain or stomach problems.

Vaping Oil vs. Raw THC

All marijuana products contain a trace of THC (delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive agent that stimulates the release of dopamine, resulting in feelings of pleasure and comfort (the “high”). Individuals who frequently consume products laced with large quantities of THC confirmed their “high” is not as strong when they smoke cannabis oil (versus the alternative). While the vaping oil will definitely affect the brain, the rush is not the same.

Are the Risks the Same?

Scientists are still debating about how severely marijuana can affect the human body. While no conclusive research has linked the drug to cancer, cannabis products do impair the brain, resulting in poor judgment and poor performance rates. This is especially true for high school students, who may find their schoolwork lacking as a result of smoking weed.

While marijuana aficionados support the muted effects of cannabinoid oil, consider that marijuana is still a mind-altering drug that can negatively affect your body.

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