After 100 years of prohibition and three years of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s term, the Canadian people are finally celebrating the legalization of marijuana across the country. Now, adults ranging from 18 to 19 years old can recreationally use the drug or consume it for medical purposes without any legal issues. Even more promising, the government has promised to pardon people who were criminalized for growing weed when it was illegal. However, some speed bumps are expected to occur along the way. In the midst of the battle to legalize the drug, British Columbia has swerved in and out of the hazy debate for multiple reasons. What is the main issue that is occurring in this province? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Rocky Roads

SOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE MARIJUANA GREY AREA IN VANCOUVERRenowned for its long-term support of cannabis, British Columbia appears to be the ideal growing spot for cannabis, but, now that the drug is legal, the incidences occurring through this country have been obscure at best. Back in 2015, the City of Vancouver voted to start providing licenses to medical marijuana retailers and compassion clubs (despite the fact that both actions were highly illegal at the time). During this same year, an estimated 176 organizations reached out to apply for these licenses, even though these groups did not adhere to zoning requirements.

One year after this event, in May 2016, Vancouver issued its first municipal Medical Marijuana-Related Use (MMRU) business license. However, only a scant 17 stores and clubs applied for MMRUs, while dozens more are applying for distribution licenses. Once the government fully legalized the drug yesterday, October 17, 2018, it completely discontinued the use of MMRUs and introduced a new process for licensing.

Certifiable “Gray Area”

Nevertheless, Vancouver is still situated in a certifiable “grey area” when it comes to pot legalization in the country. As of today, October 18, 2018, British Columbia’s government has still not issued licenses to private retailers who sell recreational cannabis, which continue to operate anyway (and stacked up fines that total C$ 1 million). Now, all groups (including people and organizations that hold MMRUs) must undergo all steps of the application process once more.

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