Admittedly, we have all suffered from some form of self-pity, a state where we begin to criticize ourselves and endure overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and an overwhelming lack of control. While not a healthy activity (not in the least), self-pity is a very real and very detrimental part of human life, but, for the drug addict, this type of behavior can be nothing short of detrimental. While drug addiction and alcoholism are dangerous enough, imagine the tremendous discomfort of an onslaught of degrading thoughts bursting from your brain. So, how do you deal with something that can be so terrifying and seemingly inescapable? Let’s take a closer look at some tips for dealing with self-pity related to addiction.

Defining “Self-Pity?”

Everyone expresses anger, frustration, or sadness. However, when a person starts to let those feelings dominate their lives and completely replace all traces of happiness, this individual has officially sunk into the open arms of self-pity. Even more disturbing, this problem doesn’t just show up unannounced. Instead, it gradually crawls into your system until your brain is overwhelmed.

Self-Pity and Addiction

Of course, you can imagine that an addicted brain is viable prey for a thought pattern like this and (to an extent) only natural. A great number of people who suffer from a form of addiction or abuse also suffer from intense negative emotions, which only intensify after the illnesses has fully started to sink in.

Likewise, self-pity can also serve as a validation for dangerous behavior. For example, a person who struggles with an abusive relationship or has to endure a difficult job may make the excuse that alcohol “helps them cope.”

 How Can It Stop?

SOME TIPS FOR DEALING WITH “SELF-PITY” RELATED TO ADDICTIONLike any problem (including addiction), self-pity can be reversed and, in multiple cases, be entirely obliterated. All it takes it the right set of therapy and rehabilitation to help a person purge the negative cycle of endless self-pity and return a brighter and happier state in life. Appropriate action should be taken to prevent the nasty, painful thoughts from becoming permanent residents in your gray matter.

Always remember that drugs and alcohol do not have control over your life. You do. Are you suffering from a substance use disorder or a severe form of addiction? Do you have a friend or family member suffering from one or more of these debilitating illnesses? If you do, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our counselors and healthcare experts are ready to walk you through every step of the detox and withdrawal process and rehabilitation and guide you towards living a happier, healthier, and freer lifestyle. While the road to recovery might not be an easy road to travel, we promise to help you every step of the way. Take the first step to stay fit, healthy, and safe.

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