Drug addiction is a dangerous and sometimes fatal illness that not many people like to discuss. As hard as people may try to separate themselves from a toxic substance, they find they have to return to the drugs that are slowly killing them. Over the course of days, months, and years, an addict’s brain and body will be permanently damaged without the proper intervention. For SONGS THAT PAINT A PICTURE OF ADDICTION over forty years, singers and songwriters have confronted the realities of this grim reality through their music, and their messages ring loud and clear today. Most often, the performers themselves were addicts or abusers, making the underlying stories all the more personal. On that note, here are three songs that paint a grim picture of drug addiction.

“White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane (1967)

Considered a psychedelic rock classic, “White Rabbit” transforms the imaginary world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland into an acid trip metaphor of drug abuse and hallucinations. Written by lead singer Grace Slick, the song portrays Alice as a drug addict experiencing “highs” and withdrawal (as the result of consuming the telltale drinks and mushrooms from the book). Disturbingly, “White Rabbit” pays homage to marijuana and (most significantly) LSD rather than condemning these drugs.

“The Needle and the Damage Done” by Neil Young (1972)

Featured on the 1972 album Harvest, “The Needle and the Damage Done” is a bitter poem about the fatal results of heroin addiction. Singer Neil Young pays homage to Danny Whitten, his bandmate from Crazy Horse, who died as the result of incessant use of this deadly opioid. Self-explanatory in its title alone, the song illustrates the longevity of heroin abuse in our society and how this drug can and will ruin lives.

“Cold Turkey” by John Lennon (1969)

Beatles’ frontman John Lennon was known for his carefree spirit and expressiveness, particularly through his music. On his 1969 single album, the late singer tells the story of his heroin addiction and subsequent withdrawal, wrapped up in a mournful and terrifying series of wails and screams. Lennon describes his painful and feverish descent as he attempted to cleanse heroin from his system without proper intervention or supplements. “Cold Turkey” is a raw, dark poem that is just as frightening as the drug it criticizes.   

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