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The Prohibition Era might possibly be one of the most confusing eras of U.S. history. In the blink of an eye, our system seemed to overturn as people starting creating underground establishments (speakeasies) and creating synthetic liquor (including moonshine and cocktail mixes). Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before the government said “no way” and put a stop to the crazy activities, making alcohol legal once more. Although things may have calmed down since that time, the Supreme Court is still wrestling with the problem of alcohol use, a timely event given the fact that 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Prohibition. Let’s take a closer look and see what the judges had to say.

Tackling the 21st Amendment

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, the Supreme Court decided to tackle the issue of prohibition and alcohol control in the United States yet again. As part of the discussion, officials discussed a Tennessee law that would force residency requirements on the retailers of alcoholic beverages. Ultimately, though, the Supreme Court discussion focused on the details in the 21st Amendment, the law that repealed the Prohibition and granted states the power to control the transportation and importation of alcoholic drinks inside borders.

Varying Degrees of Reactions

As part of the discussion, the Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association proclaimed that this amendment would give the State of Tennessee the right to sidestep commerce protections, although the justices provided mixed opinions. Some lawmakers concurred with Carter Phillips (a lawyer who represents merchants that are looking into interstate shipping), who blatantly referred to this law as discriminatory. Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, on the other hand, believes that allowing this company to sidestep state boundary laws would only cripple online sellers and cause more trouble.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism   

Over the course of 100 years, alcohol has caused more harm than good in the United States, yet it continues to be one of the most widely distributed, legal addictive drugs across the country. Ultimately, we have all read about why prohibition doesn’t work (as evidenced by illegal booze operations), so how are we supposed to help people in a world where this drug is permitted? In the end, the only weapon that can be used against this drug is a drive for improvement. By helping people come to terms with their sickness and take a stand, they can easily overcome toxic drinks.

If you are suffering from a severe case of alcoholism or alcohol abuse or have a friend or loved one who is coping with this illness, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts will help you endure the painful process of alcohol withdrawal and detox and guide you along the rocky road of rehabilitation. Soon enough, you will experience a faster and much more efficient recovery.

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