Obviously, schools are crazy environments. Once the bell rings, students explode from the doors of the building to rush onto the playground, a temporary period of freedom from tests, projects, and hot, stuffy classrooms. Meanwhile, after school, some of these young children will take part in a variety of sports events including track meets, football games, and soccer games where parents and friends cheer with insane excitement. Now, imagine if you were a teacher or a coach walking across the playground or the playing field and you happened to stumble across a needle. Keep in mind that this is not just any regular needle, but the tip of syringe used to inject drugs. While this might sound like an incident out of a nightmare, school officials across Boston, Massachusetts have been forced to call time outs to pick up these deadly items from places where children play or compete. As you can imagine, everyone is in a bit of a panic. Let’s take a closer look at the grim reality of events in Boston.

Methadone Mile

TEACHERS IN BOSTON ARE FINDING DRUG NEEDLES ON PLAYGROUNDSIf you wander across Massachusetts Avenue in Boston, you may notice something a little bit more dangerous than litter. According to local reports, this roadway in the capital has earned the nickname “Methadone Mile” due to the stretch of methadone clinics and illegal drug activity that takes place there. (With hope, according to local optimists, the road will be known by the name “Recovery Road” once this mess is cleaned up.) For now, though, the evidence of rampant drug use is scattered across the pavement and tucked inside crevices on Massachusetts Avenue.

Schools Are Fighting Back

Even more disturbing, Orchard Gardens K-8 institution and other schools are set up only a few blocks away from some of the most frequented rehab programs in the City of Boston. As a result, addicts have been dumping needles on school property, and school officials are disturbed. Sue Burchill (a school nurse for Orchard Gardens) has revealed how drug users shoot drugs underneath the bleachers, making these innocent metal seats incredibly dangerous for visitors. In fact, Burchill has been forced to produce pamphlets to help students understand how to react if they find discarded needles.

Developing Safe Spots

At this time, Boston officials have been attempting to fight the problem by developing “safe spots,” where current or recovering drug addicts can take drugs without imposing on school grounds. While changes do not take place overnight, all we can do is hope that this single action (as well as the drive from schools) will help put a stop to this travesty.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction are dangerous enough, but the situation can become even more dangerous when drug paraphernalia (even the legal variety from clinics) is littered across places where children take part in recess or play sports. Imagine the horror of finding these needles on the grass where your kids have fun. Obviously, this take substance use disorder to an entirely new level.

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