As much as parents and other adults may try to prevent teens from drinking alcohol, the legal limits and “scare factors” are not always enough to prevent experimentation during this unpredictable age. The fact of the matter is that, despite intervention, teens can get their alcohol from ridiculously easy sources: their homes. Even more shocking, some studies have shown how some parents provide alcohol to these underage drinkers. As part of a recent study conducted by the American Medical Association, officials considered how teenagers are easily accessing this drug and (most importantly) considered what behaviors surround this practice. Let’s take a closer look at this unfortunate situation and find out how teens can obtain alcohol from this easy source.

Parents and Booze

As indicated earlier, some parents supply teens with booze, which has completely unnerved the researchers conducting these studies. Dr. J. Edward Hill (president of the American Medical Association) explains how discovering that teenage girls have easy access to booze is one major issue. Discovering that parents are the source of these alcohol problems is a whole new animal. In the poll, researchers assessed teenagers (13 to 18 years of age) and reported that 50% of these subjects obtained booze from their parents (a disturbing reality, undoubtedly).

Ignoring Existing Policies

As part of the adult poll, about 1 out of 4 parents in the United States strongly believe that teens should experiment with alcohol in the presence of their mothers and fathers. Ultimately, federal laws are designed to ensure young people are not exposed to this dangerous drug. However, when parents are feeding alcohol to their kids, this brings the problem of alcohol use disorder into an entirely new light.

Secret Stash of Booze

TEENS CAN OBTAIN ALCOHOL FROM AN EASY SOURCEOn the other hand, about two-thirds of the teen subjects explained how they obtained alcohol without their parents’ knowledge. In fact, one-third of these young adults confirmed they could sneak the alcohol with their parents present, with the rate increasing to 40% in the presence of friends’ parents. If anything, as Dr. Hill points out, this issue demonstrates how mothers and fathers can only do so much to protect their teens from alcohol problems.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

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