As the marijuana debate continues to spread across multiple countries around the world, we have seen some remarkable changes take place in a variety of critical global hot spots. In Australia, scientists are currently working on the world’s first clinical trial studying marijuana’s impact on brain tumors, while Pennsylvania researchers are studying the potential of CBD. Now, after months of waiting (and nail biting, for the people of the region), Thailand has officially joined the ranks of the pro-cannabis movement by becoming the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize pot. However, as indicated in earlier reports, the plant will only be permitted for medical purposes (no exceptions). Let’s take a closer look at how this nation is handling the fragrant herb.

A Major Step for Thai People

Originally outlawed in the 1930s, the little green plant has been making headlines across the nation of Thailand thanks to the efforts of lawmakers in the Health Ministry. Finally, on Christmas 2018, Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Through this new piece of legislation, organizations can now legally produce, import, export, and hold quantities of medical marijuana. However (as with any other case across the world), patients (who meet a qualifying condition) seeking this alternative medication must apply for a card.

What Is Happening Now

THAILAND BECOMES THE FIRST COUNTRY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA TO LEGALIZE MEDICAL-GRADE MARIJUANAUltimately, groups of Thai lawmakers see this change as a fantastic step in a new direction for their country. However, keep in mind that the recreational use of the herb is still 100% illegal in the country, and people caught with about 22 grams of “kancha” (as it is called) can potentially face 5 years of imprisonment and a severe fine. Likewise, several foreign companies are still waiting for their patents to be approved by the Thai government, only prolonging the efforts to provide Thai patients with their potentially lifesaving alternative medication. Nevertheless, this will still serve as a historic moment for the people of Thailand.

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