It is common for many addicts who are just beginning their recovery process to be averse to the idea of therapy. Talking to someone about problems and anxieties can feel less effective compared to the instant relief that drugs provided. Even if the addict is hesitant about therapy, they should be encouraged to try. Here are only a few of the many reasons why.

Supportive and Understanding Therapist:

One of the most helpful aspects of therapy is having a professional that is understanding and open to listening to all of your fears and anxieties. When talking to just family and friends about addiction, the conversation can often become heated to the point where the addict might feel less inclined to seek help and would rather turn back to drugs. Therapist and trained to help an addict find solutions that will work for them in a safe and supportive environment.

Group Therapy Support Network:

While one on one therapy might work for some recovering addicts, others find more success in a group therapy setting. Group therapy has plenty of benefits that regular one on one therapy doesn’t provide. One of these benefits is being able to meet people who are going through their own addiction recovery process. Allowing these addicts on their different paths to recovery to communicate with each other can make the process more comfortable as it creates a support network of people all going through the same thing and can help keep each other on track.

Identifying the Reason for Drug Abuse:

People abuse drugs for many different reasons, but one thing that is common among many addicts abuse drugs to mask a larger issue. It is helpful to understand what are the common reasons for drug addictions are to see if any of those reasons apply to you or a loved one who abuses drugs. While the common problems that people turn to drugs for might not apply to everyone, it does show that there is often a deeper issue that needs to be worked on before the recovery process can fully take effect. Therapist and counselors are instrumental in helping an addict to find out what the underlining issue propagating their addiction is in a safe a supportive environment.


Help Prevent Relapse:

No matter how effective the recovery process has been, relapsing is a very real and very dangerous possibility. Trained therapist and counselors can help alleviate some of the fears of relapse by helping to create a plan in case the recovering addict feels the need to turn back to drugs. Therapist are also always ready to talk if the addict is extremely close to relapsing and needs someone to talk too.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and needs help, please contact Asana Recovery. We have a staff of trained and caring professionals ready to help recovering addicts with kick their habit by getting to the root of the problem. Don’t hesitate to contact us, its never to late to start the recovery process.