Today, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are throwing parties to celebrate the legalization of marijuana across their beautiful country. After nearly a decade of prohibition, the drug is now available for recreational and medical use for adults 19 years and older (or 18 years, in the case of Quebec). Meanwhile, Canadian lawmakers are discussing options for clearing the records of people previously arrested for illegal production and providing options for cannabis growth. However, in the sea of celebrations, one bizarre question has been drifting through the marijuana community: are police allowed to smoke the drug? Let’s take a closer look at how Canada is tackling this debate.

Pardon Me, Officer

THE BIZARRE DEBATE ABOUT COPS SMOKING WEED IN CANADATechnically, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have been permitted to use marijuana, but only for medical purposes. Interestingly, insurance for current RCMP officers covers pot-infused medical products. Based on an article in La Presse, 47 members (current and former) of the RCMP had spent a total of C$ 272,000 on 545,000 grams of the drug (a daily quota of 1.5 grams per officer).

Now, with the total legalization of the drug, the decision as to whether RCMP officers can use recreational marijuana is up to the states and districts.

At this time, Calgary is standing by the rule that its officers must abstain from marijuana use. Two divisions in Ontario (Waterloo Regional Police Service, Guelph Police Service) and the Windsor Police Service have yet to fully list the details of their laws (including possible changes).

Smoking Is Fine…Sometimes

In other territories, police officers have full permission from the RCMP to smoke or consume marijuana when they are off-duty, but these individuals cannot consume the drug before or during shifts (of course). Interestingly, Canadian law has allowed officers to keep marijuana products with them as long as the items are properly concealed. If department heads suspect an officer is high during work hours, this individual will be promptly tested.

Bruce Chapman, president of the Police Association of Ontario, explained that a huge problem in the community is the ambiguity of police officers. In certain areas, members of law enforcement could consume drugs, and the public would never know.

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