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It’s late and you haven’t begun the assignment the professor set due for tomorrow’s 9 a.m. class. This last rerun of The Simpson’s was way too good to miss out. Time to pull an all-nighter. It’s ok you have done so many times this semester, you have it down like clockwork. So you sit back and enjoy another cool 30 minutes of television. Can’t hurt right?

Time to go! You reach into that top dresser drawer for your bottle of Adderall. That’s the magic right there. It is how you and your classmates have been crushing through work all year. It’s normal, everyone does it. At least you think it’s normal. Little do you know that this is indicative of substance abuse behavior. In this case, there is no prescription granted by a physician and the onset of continuous use of a substance by which there is no prescribed query. Even prescription medication can lead to substance addiction and at this point, you have no reasonable cause to ingest.

Well if only the professor didn’t assign so much work. If only you were not taking five classes. If only your friends had not introduced you to Adderall. It is easy to play the blame game. Easy to lack personal responsibility and to avoid recognizing addictive habits forming. Many people in addiction begin with a portal drug. Something that was intended for casual use and then turned into a pattern of use.

Suddenly you have a feeling of panic come over you while writing that paper. It came out of nowhere and like nothing you have ever experienced. This is typical of Adderall overconsumption. You feel your arms trembling and then everything goes dark.

Panic attacks, tremors, seizures, and loss of consciousness are all symptoms of Adderall overdose. As a student or parent, this is the last thing intended within the canvass of the college experience. If this sounds like you or anyone you feel may be headed down this path, it may be time to ask for help.

Asana Recovery offers supervised detoxification and residential treatment programs in a supportive, relaxative, and inspiring environment. There is no better time than now. Call us today at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about the facilities and discuss whether our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction program is right for you.



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