Back in 2016, people from Hobart, Tasmania to the beautiful Gold Coast celebrated the legalization of medical-grade marijuana in Australia. For many members of the cannabis community, this was definitely a day to rejoice and move forward fair. Now, thousands of Australians suffering from debilitating illnesses like AIDS/HIV or undergoing cancer treatment can have access to the little green herb (with some regulations still set in place). Even as we speak, the country is now conducting the first clinical trial of marijuana-accompaniment therapy for victims of an aggressive brain cancer (glioblastoma). Despite the prosperity of the booming industry, however, some problems have ultimately surfaced. Recent news reports indicate that Australians have more problems obtaining medical cannabis than we thought. Let’s take a look at the complications with the little plant in the Land Down Under.

Hang on a Tick!

Despite the nationwide legalization of the drug, the process of obtaining medical marijuana is a long, boring, administrative ordeal that has confused and frustrated many Australians. Recently, officials opened an online application to help shorten the procedure, but the issue still remains clear: medical marijuana is bloody hard to get.

Recently, news sources indicated that even the experts in charge are having a difficult time explaining the situation in Australia. During a panel hosted at the University of Sydney (Monday, October 28, 2018), representatives of the Australian government gathered with academics and marijuana-patient spokespeople to address the complexities of the medical cannabis industry and consider all perspectives on the matter. In the end, though, all officials reached the same conclusion: a pathway to retrieve medical cannabis is the needlessly complicated.

Have a Crack

Overall, the stories varied from neutral to overwhelmingly negative. John Skerritt (deputy secretary for health products regulation at the Australia Department of health) explained these 48-hour portals are streamlined procedures for patients. Former nurse and current patient advocate Lucy Haslam explained how she received incessant waves of phone calls from people experiencing technical difficulties. Likewise, some patients explained that they were forced to obtain black-market cannabis, while one person did confirm the process was relatively smooth (in stark contrast).

In total, seven people are approved for medical marijuana per day, but access is still restricted.

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