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If we can learn anything from the history of athletics, it’s that the sports industry is an infinite breeding grounds for incredible entertainment and intermittent drug scandals. From championship tennis players and Olympic gold medal swimmers to professional soccer players and wrestlers, performance-enhancing drugs and a variety of stimulants and depressants have leaked onto the playing field more than once. As it turns out, though, the Australian Football League (AFL) might have one of the worst environments for drug use, referenced as a virtual “free-for-all” on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website. Let’s take a closer look at the dangerous level of drugs used in the AFL.

An Out of Control Situation

Recently, St. Kilda icon Nick Riewoldt has fanned the flames of controversy surrounding the AFL and has explained how the situation in the league is completely out of control. As part of a recent debate concerning substance abuse in the AFL, the former Saints player revealed how many players were lying about suffering from substance abuse disorder to avoid any kind of punishment. In the interview with SEN Radio, Riewoldt insisted that the AFL should remove the safety net around players if they want to reduce the number of drug users in their collective.

Letting the Children Run with Scissors

Ultimately, Riewoldt kept stressing that a problem has taken root in modern Australian football, and the AFL is completely responsible for letting it form. As he explains, the only reason drug problems are out of control is that officials have allowed players to get away with their sickness. Without punishment and without too many rules, players can “practically” get away with murder.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction  

People from all around the world suffer from drug abuse and addiction every day, but, in a way, you can also find reprieve in the fact that hundreds of them are also finding ways to heal. Although the battle against illegal drugs continues to wage on in the United States, Australia, and other countries, you can join the thousands who rally together to find peace and to heal. With the right amount of determination and a little bit of love for yourself, anything is possible.

If you are suffering from a severe case of alcoholism and drug addiction or have a friend or loved one who is coping with this illness, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts will help you endure the painful process of withdrawal and detox and guide you along the rocky road of rehabilitation. Soon enough, you will experience a faster and much more efficient recovery.

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