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The Dangerous Link between Energy Drinks and Addiction

The Dangerous Link between Energy Drinks and Addiction

Every so often, when we’re feeling a little bit sluggish throughout the day, a little bit of an energy boost can be a complete lifesaver. Thanks to the kick of coffee or black tea and the boost from kombucha, many people can endure the bustling work day or get through that long time at college, but the fact of the matter is that caffeine can still cause problems. Despite its many benefits, this stimulant is still a drug and can trigger some dangerous side effects. Still, can caffeine serve as a gateway drug for addicts, thanks to its concentration in energy drinks? Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

Big Trouble in Little Boost

A little boost might be helpful, but regular consumption of caffeine can negatively impact your daily activities. For example, a study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) determined that students who frequently consume energy drinks also demonstrated a high propensity for cocaine, prescription stimulant, and alcohol abuse, versus students who barely consumed caffeinated energy drinks.

Keep in mind that this report doesn’t necessarily designate caffeine as a gateway drug, but doctors are still concerned about the correlation uncovered by NIDA.

Impacting the Teenage Brain

Like any drug, caffeine should be consumed in moderation and at a specific time in a person’s life. As the study suggests, this stimulant can prime teens’ brains for dependence and abuse as they grow older, a potential gateway for addiction. In contrast to adult consumers, teens who drink large quantities of caffeine are more prone to developing a strong tolerance to this drug, which could hint at chemical changes in the neural network.

Whether or not caffeine is a gateway drug is still up for debate, but scientists have confirmed that this drug can trigger dependence.  

Seeking Treatment for Stimulant Abuse

Drug abuse and addiction is an unfortunate aspect of reality. Between the separate severity of stimulants and alcohol, imagine the pain a victim experiences after combining the two drugs. As easy as it may be to attempt to walk away from a substance that has taken its hold over you, though, you have to remember that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Addiction is not your fault and never will be.

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