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The Details About Oscar De La Hoya’s Alcohol Problems


Needless to say, when it comes to the world of professional boxing, one boxer who definitely stands out from the rest of the pack is Oscar De La Hoya. He was loved by the public and respected by presidents. The iconic boxer has won victory after victory. From his early rankings in the lightweight division he was a true champion. What some people don’t know however, is that Oscar De La Hoya also battled with alcoholism which led him to drug rehab in California.

De La Hoya was always a fighter though, whether it be in the ring or out. He had multiple crowning achievements as a welterweight. One of the biggest was defending his title against the likes of Julio César Chávez.

Let’s take a closer look at Oscar De La Hoya and the details about his alcohol problem.

Oscar De La Hoya’s Shocking Reveal

Simply put, De La Hoya’s big reveal about his alcoholism rattled his fans. Not to mention other members of the sports industry. After all, how could a tall, handsome, and clean-looking man possibly be the victim of a tragic mental illness like addiction? During a Las Vegas boxing promotion ceremony in 2011, the boxer revealed he suffered from severe drinking problems. He included that he also dabbled in less than respectable behavior. As part of the announcement, Oscar De La Hoya explained that he had attended a California drug rehab program for 3 months.

Not the Poster Child of Addiction

As stated before, fans were shocked to find out that a clean-cut athlete like De La Hoya could ever think about touching a bottle of booze. At one point, the boxer even discusses a fight that nearly drove him to kill himself. Prior to entering the Betty Ford clinic, De La Hoya had always fought against the beast of alcoholism through the peaks of his incredible career and explained that he is still shocked this drug did not end his life. At one point, he even took dangerous quantities of alcohol and cocaine. This resulted in a deadly overdose. In the end, Oscar De Lay Hoya has referred to alcohol rehab as one of the roughest fights of his life, but totally worth it.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism   

Hard partying and heavy alcohol consumption do not make a person popular or loved. Even despite what the drunken people around you may say. Remember, you are much better than the bottle you are holding. You can easily regain control, if you are willing to seek out help. Above all else, learn to love yourself. This will help you find a way to repair your mind and body. With a little patience and perseverance, you will regain your footing on the snowy path to recovery.

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