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The Effects of “Shrooms” on Your Brain and Heart

Amber Vaughan, MA in Counseling and Human Services, is a distinguished addiction treatment professional and currently serves as the Director of Admissions at Asana Recovery.
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The Effects of “Shrooms” on Your Brain and Heart

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What are Shrooms?

The effects of shrooms on your brain and heart can cause a multitude of life-altering problems. Shrooms are also called magic mushrooms and psilocybin. They are located in the caps and stems of specific mushrooms. This is a street drug made using fresh or dried variations of hallucinogenic mushrooms. In most instances, the mushrooms are slender and have dark gills and small caps. Shrooms are one of the most frequently used illicit yet popular psychedelics.

The drug can be injected, sniffed, or smoked. All of these methods ensure the shrooms will affect the user a lot faster than consuming the drug orally. Within 30 minutes of consuming shrooms, the drug is absorbed by your gut and then processed by your liver. The first pass through your metabolism decreases the drug concentration before it starts to circulate throughout your system.

Shrooms seen here in their natural form.

The effects on your brain and body from shrooms follow. Approximately 90 minutes after you have consumed the shrooms, the effect will peak. You can still feel the effects for roughly six more hours. Sometimes, the effects can linger for several days. Even if your trip is over, the shrooms are still in your body. No lethal dose has currently been determined, but this does not mean the drug is safe.

Even a typical dose will impact your body. The worst impact is on your heart and brain. The result is often high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and seizures. Shrooms have been classified by scientists as hallucinogens. This type of drug alters your perception of reality. You can have stage experiences and see, taste, and hear something nonexistent.

Research shows shrooms stimulate your serotonin release and warp the neural pathways located in your prefrontal cortex. This part of your brain controls your awareness, mood, and cognitive functions. A few of the most common hallucinogens are:

• Psilocybin (shrooms)
• Peyote
• Ayahuasca

Risks and Effects of Using Shrooms

A common shroom trip makes it appear that you are in a stupor or even unconscious. When you are unable to respond or are lethargic, some will believe you are having an absence seizure. This is not what is happening. Your trip might be completely internal. This can result in your withdrawal from everyone and everything around you. If you mix stimulants including coke, molly, and amphetamines with shrooms, seizures become common.

To help ensure your safety, never mix any other drug with shrooms. If you have a seizure disorder like epilepsy, using shrooms can cause a seizure. If you have any medical condition resulting in seizures, the effects of shrooms can damage your brain and heart. It would help if you undoubtedly stayed away from shrooms. In addition to seizures, there have been numerous reports shrooms will increase your heart rate regardless of whether you have an existing heart condition or not.

A man feeling the effects of shrooms on his brain.

One normal dosage of shrooms can increase your heart rate to a range between 150 and 160. If you use other drugs with shrooms, your heart rate can increase to a much higher level. This is another good reason not to combine any other type of drug with shrooms. Once you stop using the drug, your heart rate should decrease to a normal level. If it does not, you should seek medical attention.

Since shrooms accelerate your heart rate, there is a good chance your blood pressure will increase as well. In this respect, shrooms are the same as the majority of other drugs. The impact on your blood pressure is dependent on several factors including your heart health, dosage, and any drugs you are mixing with the shrooms. If you take a larger dosage, the risk of your blood pressure being affected increases.

In the case that you have ever had a problem with high blood pressure, your risk of side effects from shrooms increases. If your medical history includes either stroke or high blood pressure, using this drug can be deadly. The majority of users consume the hallucinogenic mushrooms raw, mix them with hot water to make tea, or add them to snacks and foods. Once you have consumed shrooms, you feel effects similar to marijuana including:

• Severe anxiety
• Bizarre trips and experiences
• Vomiting
• Paranoia and psychotic behavior
• Severe hallucinations
• Nausea
• Poor limb and muscle coordination

If you experience the worst possible scenario, you can overdose on shrooms and suffer from long-term psychosis. There is a possibility you can die. Yet another scary concept is accidentally consuming toxic or poisonous mushrooms as opposed to magic mushrooms. This is possible when the mushrooms are not identified correctly. The bottom line is shrooms are a dangerous hallucinogen you should not use.

Shroom dosage being discovered via urine test.

How are Shrooms Detected?

Shrooms can be detected by a variety of methods including lab tests. The time frame depends on the testing type including urine, saliva, blood, and hair. If you receive a positive result after your first test, you will be tested again for confirmation. The drug can be detected in your blood a maximum of 30 minutes after you use shrooms.

The substance will stay in your blood for as long as 24 hours. Blood tests are rarely used for testing due to the short detection windows and invasiveness of the test. The most common test for shrooms is urine. The substance generally remains in your urine between 24 and 48 hours after your last dosage. If you consume shrooms regularly, testing can detect the substance for as long as three days after your last dose.

In most cases, shrooms will not show in your hair growth for approximately a week. The substance can be detected for as long as 90 days by testing your hair follicles. Psilocybin enters your system in tiny amounts. This means more hair is required for a drug test than with any other substance.

Help is Available

Remember you are the one with control over your life. Dangerous substances like hallucinogens including shrooms should not control you. You might be suffering from an addiction or substance use disorder or have a family member or friend who is using drugs and needs help. Asana Recovery is a good option. All you have to do is contact us and healthcare experts and counselors will provide the help you need.

The withdrawal, detox, and rehabilitation processes will be explained to you step by step. You will receive guidance to help you live a freer, healthier, and happier life. The path to recovery is not an easy journey, but you will receive help for every step you take. Detoxification is your first step to achieving the health, fitness, and safety you need to live a good life.

Asana Recovery understands the difficulty of recovering because we have been helping people with addictions for years. Even if you believe you or a loved one do not need help, rehab is incredibly important for breaking your dependency on drugs. The Asana team provides you with the support you need to successfully walk the path leading to freedom from drugs.

Our admissions team is ready to take your call; let the path to recovery start today.

You will receive assistance with aftercare processes and counseling. The psychological reasons you became addicted will be addressed to help you build the foundation you need to cope with your life without giving in to the temptation of using drugs. Asana Recovery offers residential treatment programs and supervised detoxification in an inspiring, relaxing, and supportive atmosphere.

We have committed to help ensure your recovery lasts for the long term. We will provide you with the guidance you need to live a happy and healthy future. The best time to get help for yourself or a loved one is now. Call us today to learn about our comprehensive treatment programs for both alcohol and drugs.

Amber Vaughan, MA in Counseling and Human Services, is a distinguished addiction treatment professional and currently serves as the Director of Admissions at Asana Recovery.
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