As officials begin to focus on the overwhelming social dangerous of alcohol and the tremendously dangerous public health epidemic called the Opioid Crisis, we might tend to shove cigarettes and other tobacco products under the proverbial rug. At least, that’s what happened for a time. Over the past few years, however, researchers have been concerned about a rising problem with vaping among the teenage and young adults, particularly due to the fact that these young people are more adversely affected by drugs than their older counterparts. In light of that medical professionals and a horde of lawmakers have been cracking down on major e-cigarette manufacturers, and it looks like they have finally taken an extra step. Let’s take a closer look at how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently raided the headquarters of Juul, possibly one of the most famous and infamous producers of e-cigs in our country.

Combating the E-Cigarette Problem

THE FDA CRASHES THE PARTY AT JUUL HEADQUARTERSAs part of an overwhelming urge to combat this growing problem, the FDA conducted a raid on the Juul headquarters back on September 28, 2018. Initially, the teams sought to recover files associated with sales and marketing practices regarding e-cigarette promotion for the teenage demographic. Remarkably, agents seized thousands of documents related to these products.

So, why was this Draconian action taken against one of the most renowned e-cigarette manufacturers in the United States? Given the lack of regulations and the overwhelmingly large presence on social media, Juul has become a popular brand among teenagers, who frequently post the company’s flavorful products on social media accounts like Instagram. In fact, Juul has gained so much popularity in recent years that some consumers use the term “juuling” to refer to vaping.

Breathing Problems down the Road

Although countless reports have confirmed the connection between e-cigarettes and health problems (including lung cancer and a bizarre condition called popcorn lung), some members of the public are still confused about the FDA raid. Keep in mind that some supporters believe e-cigarettes are viable tools for people trying to break away from traditional cigarettes, as they can gradually reduce the dose in each of the flavor packets. Also, Juul CEO Kevin Burns has reassured the public that he has fully cooperated with the FDA raid. All we have to from this point forward is watch and wait (some more).

Seeking Treatment for Cigarette Use

Drugs like nicotine and byproducts from tobacco are extremely dangerous substances that can wreak havoc on your brain and body, but you must also keep in mind that some tools used to consume these substances (like cigarettes and e-cigarettes) contain high levels of dangerous poisons like formaldehyde, antifreeze, and (shocking enough) radiation. E-cigarettes certainly don’t contribute to a positive future, despite what media may want you to think. Both adults and teens can suffer from using these toxins.

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