As unusual as this may sound, shared addiction (e.g. partnerships where both individuals suffer from drug addiction and/or alcoholism) takes place more frequently than you might think. Based on a report from the National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center, women who are coping with alcohol or drug abuse are about 2 times more likely than their male counterparts to date someone who also has this problem. Remember, if hard drug use and excessive drinking are the only elements holding a relationship together and the only means a couple can have fun, intervention and couples’ therapy are the appropriate solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the frightening realities of shared addiction and see how it can be fixed (or, in the very least, alleviated).

A Dangerous Situation

Even under the circumstances that a couple attempts to solve this problem, shared addiction can still inflict tremendous harm on a loving relationship. In fact, as the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy reports, this problem can lead to incidences of neglecting responsibilities, failing to care for children, spending less time as a couple, and tossing aside activities that used to be fun. At some point, rehabilitation can be the only option for rescuing what was once a beautiful marriage or romantic relationship.

What Can We Expect?

THE FRIGHTENING REALITIES OF SHARED ADDICTIONOverall, most couples’ therapy programs follow the BCT (behavioral cognitive therapy) method. One study from Addiction Science & Clinical Practice explains how shared addiction and current marriage problems can create a cycle of anger and resentment that destroys any existing love, inducing more addictive behavior in the process. As part of couples’ therapy, men and women will separately undergo detox (at times) before rejoining for therapy sessions. Under certain circumstances, some facilities will demand the couple should sleep separately, while other programs allow them to share a room.

So, does it work? Overall, that depends on the couple. Men and women who are willing to repair their relationships will easily (through hard work) be able to repair what was broken.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism

Drug addiction and alcoholism are serious illnesses that can and will destroy the mind and body. On the same note, addiction will not only drive a massive wedge into your social life but also potentially destroy your private family life. For couples in which both parties are dealing with addiction, relationships can completely crumble without any chance of repair (only if the correct steps are not taken). You and your loved one can always find a way to fix your loving connection and get your life back on track. Always remember that.

If you are suffering from a severe case of drug abuse or alcoholism or have a friend or loved one who is coping with this illness, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts will help you endure the painful process detox and withdrawal and guide you through each step of the rehabilitation process to help you overcome your attachment to dangerous drugs and alcoholic drinks.

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