Most of you are familiar with drugs like heroin, marijuana, cocaine, or crystal meth. However, another deadly illegal substance has plagued the streets of our country in recent years. Known by street names like Vanilla Sky or Purple Bliss, bath salts are potent, potentially lethal synthetic chemicals that can produce psychotic behavior and induce frightening hallucinations in users. While medical experts have attempted to place heavy restrictions on Level-1 drugs used to make this substance, bath salt addiction and abuse is still common and very disturbing. Let’s take a closer look at these deadly drugs and see what can be done to prevent future deaths.

Bath Salts Defined

Contrary to popular belief, bath salts are not derived from actual bath salts (like Epsom products) or contain byproducts from chemicals like phone cleaner or plant food. A key component in bath salts is mephedrone, a drug that produces similar effects to methamphetamine (as proven in experiments with lab rats) including increased dopamine levels and permanent damage of receptors that react to serotonin. In recent years, doctors have also suspected that variants of MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone) another component in the construction of bath salts, particularly in underground labs. So far, however, no official confirmations of the presence of MDPV have been released.

Individuals who consume bath salts experience:

  • erratic or agitated behavior
  • anxiety and paranoia
  • hallucinations
  • psychotic behavior (including suicidal thoughts)
  • increased pulse and blood pressure

Doctors also warn that suicidal tendencies may continue, even after the bath salts have left a user’s system. In the case of MDPV, medical experts have confirmed that people committed suicide several days after taking bath salts.

Underground Dealings of Bath Salts

Despite federal regulations controlling the production of Schedule 1 chemicals (including mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone), these drugs (now listed as medications) still place people at a substantial risk for addiction or abuse. Typically, people will snort or inject bath salt mixtures or add the drugs to their food and drinks. Meanwhile, dealers and producers label “bath salts” (the disguised name for methadone in certain cases) as “unsafe for human consumption,” to pass under the radar of federal drug laws.


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