Every time we turn around, it seems that our world is taking on new policies for drug control and reform across international lines. While the War on Drugs (aptly named) continues to wreak havoc across multiple continents, new improvements are also being made on the front of drug studies. For example, over the past decade, the little green plant called marijuana has become the centerpiece for epic political debates, sparked by the fact that Canada (the largest wealthy country on its hemisphere) recently legalized pot (recreational and medical). Likewise, the United States is trying to blot out the Opioid Crisis under the leadership of President Donald Trump and his administration. So where does that leave Australia and (more importantly) its small partner to the Southeast? Let’s take a closer look at the future of drug use and addiction treatment in the beautiful island nation of New Zealand.

An Ever-Changing Front

In terms of the future drug climate of New Zealand, new advances will open the floodgates for a variety of incredible treatment plans. Although resources may be tightly restricted and somewhat limited to an extent, this little country is determined to create new, smart ways to help people suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. According to Robert Steenhuisen (co-chair of the National Committee for Addiction Treatment), 2012 government policies have developed a new front for mental health and addiction treatment in New Zealand, including the utilization and combination of existing ideas with future endeavors.

Even more fascinating, Steenhuisen has explained that Health Workforce NZ has forecasted a boost in required treatment options for people suffering from this mental illness, and the country itself will have to find more efficient ways to save resources (in effect, to save the people).

Computer-Based Training

In an interesting twist, New Zealand may soon be utilizing computer-enhanced technology as a means of helping addicts. As an example, Yale University’s School of Medicine has created a program where patients complete quizzes and games to help them recondition their minds to the dangerous of their illness. Ultimately, the program (CBT4CBT) has a successful trial run that resulted in 66% of patients submitting urine samples that had absolutely no traces of drugs. Ultimately, New Zealand may be looking into the forefront of U.S. technology to help its patients, which is a remarkably comforting notion. After all, unity will help us fight this problem more efficiently.

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