For individuals who have never had to plan or participate in an intervention, their knowledge is likely limited to what they have seen portrayed in pop culture and depicted in films and television programs. If you were to ask them to describe an intervention, they would probably start describing what is known as the Johnson intervention model.

To be fair, the widespread portrayal of the Johnson intervention model on screen is likely in proportion to its use in the real world. The Johnson model is thought to be the most common intervention model in use today.

SUBSTANCE ABUSEUnder the Johnson model, close colleagues, friends, and relatives will gather with the addicted person to explain how that person’s behavior has affected them and to encourage the addict to seek treatment. The intervention may be planned for months in advance without the knowledge of the addicted person; the shock is intended to convey the emotional effects of the individual’s addiction in a way that they will be unable to deny, though the intervention itself is portrayed as an act of love, not punishment.

The Johnson model is an attempt to reach the addicted individual before they have reached rock bottom and an effort to avoid a strengthening or worsening of the addiction itself.

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