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The journey method centers around the notion that unresolved emotional issues play a foundational role in the vast majority of mental health and substance use disorders. It is a guided therapy technique designed to help patients uncover the deeply buried emotions that may be contributing to their problems.

The journey method was founded in the 1990s by healing expert and author Brandon Bays. It emerged from the belief that the mind and body are interconnected; that one can easily affect or influence the other.

The journey method of therapy does not lend itself to the description; it is said that it must be experienced to be fully understood. Basically, it involves a guided process of introspection that is said to allow patients to unlock and uncover unresolved emotions. Once they have been revealed, the journey method process will continue, as the therapist will help the patient understand how these emotions affect their present behavior and will provide strategies to deal with them. This can be an extremely enlightening experience that helps reshape one’s understanding of their current situation.

The Asana Recovery Center offers a supervised detoxification and residential treatment program that includes a variety of different therapy options for those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about our inspiring facilities and find out whether our substance addiction treatment program is the right fit for you.


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