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Regardless of what kind of education people complete, once you bring up the name “Sigmund Freud,” you will definitely be getting a few chuckles. Credited as the father of psychoanalysis (and founder of some modern practices of psychology) Freud pioneered a front to dislodge humanity from its pedestal of greatness and shame it for bloating with pride, selfishness, and childlike self-loathing. From comedy sketches to required reading, Freud has made cameos (even after death) in a variety of media and has become the symbol of awkward tension or subliminal thoughts. However, as it turns out, Freud suffered from a few unconscious cravings of his own creation. Let’s take a closer look at the many exploits of the Father of Psychoanalysis and Bolivian marching powder: cocaine.

Just a Rambling Man

Ultimately, Freud’s rants about humanity’s overblown drive for self-gratification and the subliminal messages of sexual or spiritual fantasies do (at times) sound like the hallucinations or delusions experienced by a hardcore drug addict. In fact, sources indicate that he created a vast majority of his studies while high on this stimulating white powder.

Even more interesting, Freud may have even been responsible for making this drug a mainstream pharmaceutical. After reading about cocaine in the Therapeutic Gazette, he received an opportunity to test out the drug thanks to the efforts of Pfizer (the creators of brand-name cocaine). After creating a horde of unusual but successful research proposals, Freud began taking more of the stimulant, which he supported as a means of alleviating depression and digestive complications.

A Bizarre Take on Addiction

Needless to say, like many people during his time, Freud was not fully aware of how addictive cocaine could actually be. In one of his reports, he explains that (after self-experimentation) 1st or 2nd doses of coca do not trigger chemical dependence. In fact, Freud argues that large quantities of cocaine are off-putting and do not promote cravings.

Seeking Treatment for Meth Addiction

Although it was originally used as a stimulant, cocaine has continued to take its place as one of the most notorious drugs in the world. Overall, this dangerous drug can trigger severe mental and physical problems and can drive a wedge into your relationships. However, as with any type of addiction, you can easily overcome your sickness and get your life back on track. All you need is a lot of strength, perseverance, and a little bit of love for yourself, and you can get through the toughest times.

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