Crystal Meth is rising in popularity in use simply because of its quick high and low price tag. Unfortunately, meth is manufactured by street criminals and contains several poisonous chemicals. Not only can these chemicals pose a serious threat to your health immediately, they can have a lasting negative effect on your mind, body, and life.

How does crystal meth work?

This drug is extremely powerful, resulting in near instant euphoria followed quickly by a “down” phase. Crystal meth use causes a release of dopamine in the brain. Users suddenly feel intensely good, but only for a short period. Afterward, they experience a crash that results in fatigue, depression, paranoia, and extreme anxiety. People usually do not want to feel these emotions, so they are inclined to get high repeatedly in order to avoid the crash. In nearly all cases, meth addiction can develop in only one use.

In both the high and low cycle of crystal meth, users can experience serious and sometimes fatal side effects from the drug. Some side effects include:

  • Increased body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Heart attack
  • Brain hemorrhage or stroke
  • Lung collapse
  • Loss of nervous system function

Even the healthiest individual can die instantly from meth. Every system in the body can fail suddenly or over time as a result of using this drug. People’s appearance can change drastically. Weight loss and tooth corrosion are two of the most common physical changes in a meth user. Additionally, the skin of users may appear cut, scabbed, or pitted. This often results from users hallucinating that there are bugs on their skin so they attempt to pick them out.

In addition to physical changes, users may have problems sleeping, can suffer anxiety or mood disorders, and they may suffer from paranoia or hallucinations. Individuals using meth are at a higher risk for heart disease and early mortality.

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What can you do if you are addicted?

Admitting that you have a problem with crystal meth may seem difficult, but it is one of the best first steps you can take toward improving your life. After recognizing your problem, it is important to get in contact with a drug counselor.

Our staff at Asana Recovery can help you or a loved one overcome this addiction through our 24-hour monitored detox treatment. Afterward, we have both inpatient and outpatient treatments with counseling, healthy activities, and several forms of therapy to get patients on the right track.

After successfully completing a treatment program, addicts should consider using ongoing recovery support groups to keep them on the right path. Although they may feel alone in their addiction, there are thousands of individuals across the world that are suffering just like them and looking for others to support their recovery process.

If you or someone you know is addicted to crystal meth, contact our admissions office today at (949) 416 – 3323 to see what we can do for you.