Addiction, when it comes to drugs and alcohol, is defined as the compulsive behavior to ingest a mind and mood-altering substance, an increased tolerance to the substance, and the presence of withdrawal symptoms when the substance is stopped.  A person can become addicted to many things, not necessarily just drugs and alcohol. One can be addicted to soda or coffee, cigarettes or nicotine, and even addicted to watching a television show.  However, with the severity of the addiction and the quickness someone can become addicted, various substances are more addictive than others. The following is generally agreed to be the most addictive substances known to man.

First, we have to address what criteria was used to determine which drug was the most addictive.  These were the criteria used:

  • How quickly the drug changed the brain’s chemical pleasure signatures.
  • What amount of pleasure and how quickly that occurred in people.
  • How quickly true addiction sets in.
  • How difficult it is to break that addiction in the average person.
  • How easily attainable is the drug.


Nicotine is the most common substance that people are addicted to due to its chemical composition as well as how easily accessible the drug is.  NIcotine is so prevalent in our culture that two-thirds of the population has reported being dependant upon products that contain nicotine.


The next most addictive substance known to man is a drug category called Barbiturates.  These are a class of drugs more commonly known as “downers.” Most often these drugs are prescribed for sleep disorders and anxiety and depression.  However, when abused, there can be serious consequences.


Cocaine is the next drug on the list.  Cocaine is so addictive that approximately one-quarter of the people who try the drug will become addicted to it.  Cocaine is so popular around the World that it has created a multi-billion dollar industry.


The second most addictive drug known to man is Alcohol.  Now, you might be thinking that alcohol cannot be more addictive than cocaine or barbiturates.  However, remember that one of the criteria is how readily available the substance is to the common person.  Alcohol is legal in every state and can be very cheap to purchase. Further, alcohol-related deaths amount to approximately 2.5 million people per year.



The most addicted drug known to man is heroin.  This drug is derived from the poppy plant and most of the World’s supply comes from the Middle East, almost exclusively from Afghanistan.  Current statistics indicate that of the people who try heroin, three-quarters of them become addicted. Some of that number become addicted even after the first try of the drug.  As of 2016, almost a million people in the United States have used heroin.  It is with these statistics that it is not a surprise that heroin is the most addicted drug known to man.

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