Whether you are a recovering addict or the family member of a victim, we can all agree that one of the most important components in battling our demons is establishing long-lasting, loving friendships. Social gatherings like Alcoholics Anonymous help individuals find reprieve and share their problems with fellow sufferers. Meanwhile, family therapy helps addicts reestablish lost connections with their loved ones and family members. However, sometimes we need a different type of companion to help us overcome our sorrows. In the case of a homeless musician in Britain, all it took was the unquestionable and unbreakable love of a little orange tabby cat named Bob. Let’s take a closer look at how the story of A Street Cat Named Bob illustrates the most important aspect of recovery.

Social Reinforcement over Drug Addiction

Recently, Dr. Marco Venniro, a researcher for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) made an astounding discovery. Through an experiment focusing on behavioral paradigms of human choice, his team found that lab rats that had repeatedly taken methamphetamine or heroin (through a previous study) chose to spend time with other rats and completely turned away from the addictive substances. In other words, the animals experienced healing through social bonds and love (not dangerous drugs).

A Furry Guardian Angel

THE MOVIE A STREET CAT NAMED BOB ILLUSTRATES ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS TOWARDS RECOVERYAs shown in Dr. Venniro’s experiment, a loving friendship is the best kind of medicine for any addict, and one of the best examples is the brotherly bond between James Bowen and his adorable sponsor, Bob the Cat. Once a homeless vagrant and a suffering heroin addict, James lived on the streets of London and attempted to make a few bits of change by playing his guitar. On his last leg, he is surprised by the arrival of a spunky orange tabby, who begins following in James’s shadow wherever he goes. After enduring methadone treatment and weeks of withdrawal, he eventually recovers and starts a new life with his best friend.

Ultimately, the story was turned into a book called A Street Cat Named Bob, which earned James and his furry friend international success and fame. People from around the world could relate to the loving friendship between man and animal but also found reprieve in the lesson these two taught us. Uniquely, James and Bob’s relationship reflects the true purpose of healing. Sometimes, all the medicine in the world is not enough. At one point, an addict has to seek a loving embrace or (in this case) a long orange tail to find their footing once more.

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