If we were to list off the smorgasbord of alcoholic drinks in the United States, we would probably keep you all day. Dirty vodka martini, Long Island iced tea, craft beer, white Russian, grasshoppers, and liquor-infused coffee – these are just a few of hundreds of intoxicating beverages listed on menus from California and Alaska to Florida and Maine. Alcoholic drinks seem to be everywhere, but some of the most popular might possibly be the craft cocktail. After all, many parties are not complete without a Bloody Mary, Blue Lagoon, margarita, or Piña colada? However, dd you ever wonder where the ideas for these bizarre mixtures came from? When did people start playing mad doctor with alcohol? Let’s take a closer look at the origins of the craft cocktail.

The Bootlegging Business

To track the history of the craft cocktail, we have to travel back to the Prohibition, when the U.S. government completely banned the sales of alcohol. At this time, the only source of these beverages was industrial-grade alcohol (used to make inks and perfumes), 3 gallons of which could be used to make fake gin or whiskey. In Prohibition times, alcohol was not only uncommon but also exceptionally dangerous, as it was not aged and contained some dangerous or downright disgusting additives. (Some people used dead rat carcasses to create a “bourbon flavor.”)

What Was Sour Is Now Sweet

THE ORIGINS OF THE CRAFT COCKTAILSo, how could you make hard liquor (which is inarguably strong enough to peel paint) palatable to the general public? Simply put, you mask it with other flavors. For example, bartenders would mix alcohol with water, glycerin, and juniper oil to create an iconic cocktail: gin. Later, mixers created the “Bee’s Knees” (a mixture of gin and honey) and “Last Word” (a mixture of gin, Chartreuse, and maraschino cherry liquor). Another notable contender was the Mary Pickford, featuring a combo of rum and red grapefruit juice.

Nowadays, “rotgut liquor” isn’t produced, but the cocktail has continued to become a popular staple of public get-togethers and private parties.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcohol is certainly the past item you would expect to see on a list of art styles, yet somehow brewers and mixers around the world have somehow managed to turn this drug into a creative force (not in a good way). From craft beers to bizarrely overblown cocktails, alcohol has become a staple on menus (even family-friendly locations) and has reached a celebrity status in clubs across the globe. Nevertheless, you do not have to fall victim to the world’s most popular, regulated addictive drug. If you are willing to make a big change in your life, you can easily overcome your addiction or abuse.

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