A dry martini with a lemon peel, shaken not stirred – this is probably one of the most famous alcoholic drinks in the world thanks to its popularity with a certain secret agent. Since his emergence in the novels by Ian Fleming, superspy and ladies’ man James Bond captivated audiences around the world with his charm, style, good looks, and savvy attitude. However, besides a string of lady friends too long to count, Agent 007 is also best known for his taste for alcoholic drinks, particularly the iconic dry martini and a concoction called “Vesper.” In a fascinating twist, however, researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand have come to a startling conclusion, which they believe is worth promoting: James Bond has a severe case of alcohol abuse. As bizarre as that sounds, this scientific study on the famous spy is not only hilarious but also (in a surprise twist) 100% true. Let’s take a closer look at the pattern of alcohol abuse exhibited by Agent 007: James Bond.

Severe Drinking Problem, Indeed

According to the New Zealand study, Mr. Bond not only has a bad case of alcohol abuse but also suffer from particularly severe, chronic drinking, and, the researchers add, he completed some pretty risky maneuvers while intoxicated. So how bad was his problem? The team confirmed that James Bond drank 109 alcoholic drinks in his 2 dozen films (spanning 6 decades). Among these concoctions were cocktails, champagne, and (sometimes) beer.

Additionally, New Zealand study leader Nick Wilson explained that Bond’s riskiest alcohol-induced activities include:

  • Drinking alcohol before flying
  • Driving vehicles while drunk at high speeds
  • Taking risks through high-stakes gambling
  • Operating dangerous machinery
  • Interacting with dangerous animals
  • Dangerous hand-to-hand combat
  • Random sex with women (involving guns and knives under pillows)

We can bet you won’t look at 007 the same way again.

You’re Insane, Mister Bond!

THE PATTERN OF ALCOHOL ABUSE EXHIBITED BY AGENT 007: JAMES BONDRecently, this study won first place in the Christmas Competition produced by the Medical Journal of Australia. In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Wilson explained that the James Bond films are ideal pieces for students to analyze trends concerning addictive behavior (e.g. smoking and drinking). Likewise, he confirmed that and his teammates thoroughly enjoyed the study, as it helped them find more humor in certain scenes than ever before.

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