Marijuana might easily be one of the most popular and controversial topics in politics since climate change first hit the radar. Across the United States, members of the Republican and Democratic parties have either voiced love or hatred for this mind-altering plant. One side claims pot is a harmless alternative medication, while the other side stands by the fact that weed is dangerous to a person’s mental clarity. Now, researchers are arguing how some politicians are completely ignoring the dangers of marijuana, which has been regarded as a huge contributor to the nation’s health crisis. Does the pot debate cast decades of effective research aside? Let’s take a closer look at the political controversy surrounding marijuana legalization.

Blatantly Ignoring the Obvious

THE POLITICAL CONTROVERSY SURROUNDING MARIJUANA LEGALIZATIONOverall, major medical groups and associations unanimously agree that long-term marijuana consumption can impede physical and neurological development, resulting in impediments to motor function and cognitive abilities. In that light, a health study (published in the New England Journal of Medicine) confirmed that marijuana can trigger some forms of addiction, as well as a string of mental illnesses. Furthermore, the National Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics discovered a connection between smoking marijuana and bronchitis (and possibly the onset of schizophrenia). Let’s also not forget the strings of pediatric studies that have confirmed how marijuana destroys teen brains (making it worse than alcohol on many levels). Nevertheless, political reports have confirmed how some lawmakers have not considered this research.

“Big Pot” Gang

While the field of marijuana research is still limited, we should not ignore the proof that has currently been uncovered. Although doctors have published these materials over the years, many groups still support the notion that marijuana is 100% okay for human consumption. We cannot argue that pot is okay for cancer and HIV patients (who use the drug to cope with appetite problems), but the problem lies in the widespread acceptance of a drug that, for the most part, is still potentially toxic. Consider that many groups who support healthier foods in schools are also promoting an herb that can damage children’s brains.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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