Have you ever heard of the drug called “Molly?” If you have, then you probably think it is a pure form or derivative of MDMA, a dangerous party drug that is used to create ecstasy pills. While Molly and ecstasy typically include the same mind-altering, lust-inducing ingredients, however, there are some major differences to take into consideration. First and foremost, Molly comes in a powder form, while ecstasy is usually manufactured in pills. However, nowadays, did you know that Molly rarely contains a drop of MDMA or ecstasy? At raves and clubs of the modern time, this powder contains scraps of the mind-altering drugs and is overpowered by a string of toxic chemicals that are far more dangerous than a single shard of MDMA. How has this change taken place? Let’s take a closer look at the recipe for disaster known as “Molly.”

The Dangerous Ingredients Abound

THE RECIPE FOR DISASTER KNOWN AS “MOLLY”Unfortunately, young people (or inexperienced drug users, if you would prefer) falling into the age group of 12 to 17 years are the typical market for drugs like Molly are can be used as guinea pigs for drug traffickers experimenting with this nasty drug. However, did you know that the amount of Molly seized by New York City Police over the past couple of years only contained 13% of MDMA? Instead, investigators found traces of toxins like Methylone, MDPV, MePP, 4-MEC, 4-MMC, and Pentedrone.

In contrast to MDMA and other illegal drugs, the formula for Molly is always changing. At times, users aren’t even sure of how much of this substance they are ingesting. Al Santos (Deputy Administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency) has described the situation as a toxic game of Russian roulette.

Lustrous Laboratory Nightmare

So where do all the chemicals in Molly come from? According to reports, these toxic substances are manufactured in laboratories based in China. Ultimately, Chinese chemists sell the drugs through online portals, and, after the drug reaches the shores of the U.S., American middle men will cut the drugs with other substances, the most extreme gamble of its kind.

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