Needless to say, the debate about medical marijuana has become one of the most interesting and bizarre social conversations we can take part in nowadays. After all, this little green plant has been used as a form of alternative medicine for thousands of years, so many people have questioned as to why it fell into obscurity to begin with. Some people argue it is highly addictive, while others question the usefulness of the plant overall. Still, did you ever think this debate would reach network executives during the run of a popular TV show? In fact, this program was prepared to enter the debate on medical pot until, according to one of the stars, the network intervened. Let’s take a closer look at the strange case of Scrubs and medical marijuana.

I’ll Hear Nothing of It!

THE STRANGE CASE OF SCRUBS AND MEDICAL MARIJUANABack in 2010, the United States was a much different place, where marijuana was 100% illegal and only 14 states has fully legalized medical-grade cannabis, so the idea of introducing this practice onto network television was already a risky move. Nevertheless, Bill Lawrence decided to take the next step by introducing a “medical marijuana” topic in his TV series Scrubs. Based on the preliminary idea, the episode was going to focus on a cancer patient who used medical pot to cope with severe chemotherapy side effects. However, as Scrubs star Zach Braff pointed out, the ABC network execs weren’t having it and ordered Lawrence to scrap the episode.

In response, Lawrence allegedly proclaimed that topics like prostitution and sex were 100% okay on TV, while a little herb was completely intolerable.

Lifesaving Chemo-Accompaniment Therapy

While we cannot determine if the plant helps healthy people, there is no denying marijuana’s benefits for cancer patients. Long before this herb reached the legalization debate, men and women undergoing chemo smoked or ate marijuana to help them cope with chemo and improve their appetites (a key to healing). Interestingly, TV companies have started to realize this fact an are finally airing episodes that include the little green plant.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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