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Although we are happy to report that fatalities caused by drunk driving incidences have decreased over the past years, we cannot tell you it has disappeared altogether. On average, 10,000 people die on a yearly basis as a direct result of drunk driving accidents across the United States. Meanwhile, the CDC reports that 1 out of 3 deaths related to a motor vehicle accident are triggered by alcohol. With all the anti-DUI propaganda, educational programs, memos, documentaries, and public records listing the dangers of driving while drunk, you would think that the numbers would have plummeted from the start. Nevertheless, people will still try to drive if they are intoxicated. Let’s take a closer look at the terrifying reality of drunk driving in the United States.

What Is the Real Danger?

As a nervous system depressant, alcohol completely robs people of their logic, judgement, and motor skills. Everyone knows that the more alcohol you consume prior to driver, the more danger you are putting yourself in. Based on public reports, an individual with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) measurement of 0.10 is 7 times more likely to suffer from a fatal vehicle accident, in contrast with a sober driver (while a driver with an 0.15 count is 25 times more likely to die).

Impairment Starts before Drunkenness

An important fact to remember is that you can easily get drunk before you “feel drunk.” In other words, intoxication sets in long before the alcohol starts to take effect. According to reports, drunkenness officially starts at a measurement at or below 0.08 BAD, but some officials have confirmed that judgement and cognition start to deteriorate at the relatively low measurement of 0.02 BAC. Once people start to down more alcohol past the 0.08 BAC mark, their risk of causing a fatal accident is 10 times greater than before.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism  

Alcohol use disorder is a dangerous mental illness that should not be taken lightly. Whether a person you know frequently abuses alcohol or has turned into a full-blown drunk, both cases involve some aspect of this dangerous disease. Remember, though, that alcohol abuse and alcoholism can take even deadlier turns when they take place behind the wheel of a car. If you suspect that a drunk friend or loved one is about to drive drunk, stop them at all costs (for their safety and for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians).

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