Behind the glamorous dresses, the shining lights, and the frivolous backdrop of the fashion industry lays a dark and deadly secret. Young, inexperienced models can fall victim to drugs via incessant waves of peer pressure and an endless lineup of parties. While not all models use these terrible substances, a few famous faces have glamorized drugs on more than one occasion. Supermodel Kate Moss and designer Donatella Versace both admitted to using cocaine. In an industry where young people are forced into early maturity, it is no wonder that drugs are so easily accessible. Here are a few drugs that have gained notoriety in the world of fashion.


Derived from the South American coca plant, this illegal drug (also called snow, coke, or blow) is typically snorted or placed on the gums, with some users injecting it into the bloodstream. After consuming cocaine, people feel an instant high due to increased levels of dopamine.

This ultimate sense of relief and satisfaction is particularly tempting for young models working a busy schedule. By using the drug, they will experience a loss or change in appetite, somewhat convenient given that many models are expected to maintain a slender, willowy frame as part of their job. Users will also feel bursts of happiness and an increase in their five senses.


One of the most common illegal drugs in the United States, heroin is a deadly opioid derived from poppies grown in South America, Mexico, and Asia. Referenced as “smack” or “junk,” it is a fast-acting, highly addictive drug that produces a sensation of delirium and euphoria, as if time has slowed down. Medical studies have revealed that people use heroin to battle anxiety and depression, commonalities amongst young models. The drug’s role as a painkiller may also attract models that are forced to strike poses for extended periods of time, which could result in achy joints.


Stimulants, particularly ADHD medication, are also prevalent in the fashion industry. Typically, these medications suppress anxiety and hyperactivity and, for individuals who are not suffering from behavioral disorders, can result in the same side effects as cocaine. Also, unlike cocaine, stimulants do not produce negative side effects including a bloody nose. However, users can potentially experience headaches, stomach problems, and a rise in blood pressure.


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