THE UNFORTUNATE REALITY OF ALCOHOL ABUSE IN NEW ZEALANDVacationers and locals will agree that there is no country on earth that is equal to New Zealand. A hot spot for international travel, this large island nation boasts some of the most ancient forests on earth and some spectacular mountains and fields. Moviegoers will instantly recognize this place as the location used during the filming of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, as well as the underground hit The Hunt for the Wilder People. Untamed as its native beasts, New Zealand is also home to the All Blacks (currently, the #1 world rugby champions) and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the ancient war customs and lifestyle of the indigenous Maori people. So, you will no doubt feel an overwhelming wave of sadness that one of the world’s most beautiful countries is plagued by a terrible alcohol epidemic. Let’s take a closer look at this unfortunate reality.

Alcohol vs. Drugs

As of 2017, alcohol has been one of the most widely distributed and abused drugs in New Zealand and has caused more harm to Kiwi families than other addictive substances. In fact, according to the New Zealand Drug Foundation, alcoholic drinks inflict more destruction on this beautiful country than the combined damages of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. Additional reports from the organization revealed that 80% of Kiwis consume alcohol on a regular basis (including habitual and excessive drinking).

Why is the Problem So Bad?

While recent studies have shown that Kiwis are not abusing alcohol as much as they used to, the problem is that, in a twisted way, the cycle of troublemaking, self-harm, and recovery has become commonplace in Kiwi culture. In 2017 interview, Ben Birks Ang (National Youth Services Advisor of the New Zealand Drug Foundation and Odyssey Auckland) believes that people have grown accustomed to these damaging behaviors and have just accepted them. As a result, Ang adds, young Kiwis are copying adults and believe the behavior is socially acceptable. Simply put, the alcoholic epidemic is a matter of behavioral modification and peer pressure.

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