Would you ever imagine that a drug addict’s organs could be used for a transplant procedure? As bizarre as that sounds, the fact of the matter is that these contaminated body parts are just as viable to save lives as clean organs. So how is this possible? As a direct result of the growing Opioid Crisis, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives as a direct result of drug-related overdoses, all due to drugs that (for the most part) are 100% legal. However, as these deaths have increased, the number of organ donations has also skyrocketed due to the growing body count. So how can drug-polluted organs still be used to help people who require life-saving procedures? Let’s take a closer look at this unusual circumstance in our country and find out more.

Hope in the Midst of a Crisis

As of 2015, an estimated 2 million Americans suffer from a form of painkiller addiction, with an addiction 117,000 dying from opioid-related overdoses. However, in the midst of this terrible epidemic sweeping our nation, hundreds of families are finding hope through an incredible avenue: transplanting the organs of opioid addicts.

Consider that, in 1994, only 29 organ donors died from overdosing on drugs. However, in 2015, that amount skyrocketed to 848 donors, based on a report from the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). Sadly, Dr. Jay Fishman (chief of transplant of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital) has confirmed that the majority of overdose fatalities include young people who have used opioids for the first or second time.

Saving Organs and Lives

THE UNNERVING CASE OF DRUG OVERDOSE DEATHS AND ORGAN TRANSPLANTSAlso, we must keep in mind that the increase in donors is not simply linked to opioid-related deaths. Now, scientific breakthroughs allow doctors to detox organs (once unusable for such a delicate procedure) to save patients’ lives.

Dr. David Klassen (chief medical officer for UNOS) added that many people will automatically assume that drug addicts’ organs are completely useless. Interestingly, though, these organs are in a much better condition than those of other donors, mostly due to the sad reality that a majority of overdose victims are so young. Thanks to nucleic acid testing, however, doctors can weed out illnesses like HIV and hepatitis C to prevent further infections from spreading.

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