Anyone familiar with the party scene will instantly be able to tell you that “Molly” is not the name of their best friend or date.  MDMA, also known as ecstasy, is a “club drug” that has been used by nightclub hoppers for years, and it is particularly infamous for inducing a sensation of heightened pleasure and arousal. However, did you know that there is a nastier alternative to ecstasy which can potentially kill people? Also popular at clubs and parties, GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) is a dangerous substance that can almost immediately induce chemical dependency and addiction and can open up gates for crimes such as rape and assault. Let’s take a closer look at why this drug is so deadly.

The Nasty Alternative to Ecstasy

Also known as fantasy or (appropriately) “grievous bodily harm”, GHB is an illegal drug that anesthetizes the human brain and central nervous system and induces feelings of euphoria and heightened pleasure. While nicknamed “liquid ecstasy,” this substance is not a derivative or variant of ecstasy. Even the smallest dose of GHB can produce life-threatening side effects including:

  • Boosted energy and increased excitement
  • Euphoria and relaxation
  • An intense urge for sexual activities
  • Psychosis and hallucinations

In the worst case scenario, GHB can lower the body’s temperature and impede the respiratory system, resulting in unconsciousness, coma, or death.

Australian researchers explain that the most dangerous side effects are induced when a person combines GHB with alcoholic drinks. Adding the tiniest amount of the drug to a beverage can result in lack of coordination and incoherence. Even more disturbing, this mixture can induce catatonia, coma, or death. Additional studies in Australia have proven that improperly synthesized GHB can contain traces of sodium hydroxide (a lethal concoction).

The Date Rape Drug

In many circles, GHB has developed an infamous reputation as the “date rape drug.” People will typically use the substance to spike drinks because it is virtually undetectable. GHB is especially notorious for making a victim sleepy and unresponsive, making them defenseless against wrongdoers. In that light, you will not be surprised to learn that GHB earned its name due to its usefulness in sexual assault and rape.

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