No matter the occasion (birthdays, holidays, or simply special events), you may begin to wonder what you can get a loved one or a friend who has successfully been recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction. After all, they have already made major accomplishments in their life. Still, what are you supposed to give a person who (for lack of a better phrase) is still trying to cope with a bunch of issues like triggers, cravings, and sleepless nights. Obviously, buying them something like a necklace will not come across as kind and will only appear like a “run-of-the-mill” gift. In this case, you should put some thought into what your friend or loved one may want. Is there a special event or a show they’ve always wanted to see or a location they have always dreamt of visiting? Maybe they are the intellectual type who want to become more grounded by means of classes and brain-growing activities. Let’s take a closer look at some thoughtful presents you can get a recovering addict or alcoholics.

The Experience of a Lifetime

THOUGHTFUL PRESENTS TO LOVED ONES WHO HAVE RECOVERED FROM ADDICTIONRecovering drug addicts and alcoholics often take part in social activities and sensory contact to help them cope with their nasty habits. In that light, you might want to consider giving them the gift of going to a special place or attending an amazing event they’ve always wanted to visit. Flying in hot air balloons, seeing a Cirque du Soleil show, visiting a horse park, going to a national park to hike, or flying to a remote tropical island (if you can afford it) are just a scant few ideas of the amazing experiences you can give to your loved ones.

Puzzles, Games, and More

Likewise, you may want to give the gift of intellectual brain food to your friend, especially if they were the learned sort from the beginning. A wise man once said that idle hands are dangerous, and the same can be said for men and women who can fall victim to addiction with the drop of a shot glass or a cigarette butt. In this sense, you may want to give the fun puzzles like a Rubik’s cube or brain teasers. Other great brain-stimulators include games and activities developed by Mensa International (a group devoted to gifted individuals).

Media about Recovery

Sometimes, people may need a little boost to show them that recovery is possible. In this case, you may want to purchase a movie, book, or CD that will motivate them in serious or funny ways. For example, the movie Beautiful Boy (2018) showcases how the impossible is achievable for crystal meth addicts, while When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) demonstrates how relationships can crumble due to the presence of alcoholism. Likewise, Boy George’s autobiography discusses his drug adventures with LSD, heroin, and ecstasy, while Eminem demonstrates the dangerous power of drug abuse in his album “Recovery.”

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, or Addiction

Drug addiction and alcoholism are dangerous and debilitating mental illnesses that can potentially damage your social life and health. Still, you must remember that alcohol and drugs do not have control over your life. Only you can determine your future. If you are suffering from a severe form of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or addiction or have a friend or loved one who is coping with one or more of these problems, get in touch with Asana Recovery today. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts are ready to walk you through every step of the rehabilitation process and guide you towards living a happier, healthier, and freer lifestyle. The time to take back control of your life is now.

If you are interested in one of our residential treatment or supervised detoxification/withdrawal programs, we are ready and waiting to speak with you at your disclosure. Call Asana now at (949) 438-4504 to learn how to overcome your alcohol abuse or addiction troubles today.