Surprisingly, marijuana has quite an influential presence in sports, although not in the way you would initially imagine. Recent studies have shown that the drug could be a much healthier alternative to dangerous prescription opioids and can help athletes manage pain during recovery and therapy. While marijuana is still a mind-altering drug that is potentially addictive, many people continue to show staunch support in other areas of sports entertainment. In fact, some celebrity athletes from a variety of fields have expressed great interest or (in some cases) admiration for this plant. Let’s take a closer look at three athletes who have promoted marijuana.

Bill Walton (Basketball)

Ironically, at the height of his career in the 1970s and ‘80s, NBA star Bill Walton resembled a cartoon character who was also suspected to be using weed during his most famous broadcast years (Shaggy from Scooby Doo). Plus, the giant athlete’s love of Grateful Dead did not help the situation, either. After becoming a commentator for an NCAA game, Walton openly professed his distaste over the marijuana debate and argued that politicians should legalize the drug (nothing more).

Nick Diaz (Mixed Martial Arts)

A Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, Nick Diaz is a passionate supporter of the drug and has expressed his love for weed on multiple occasions. However, after an incident in which he tested positive for the drug at UFC 183, he was suspended from the sport for a staggering five years (courtesy of the Nevada Athletic Division). This decision angered fans, who argued that Diaz’s opponent Anderson Silva should have received more than a single-year suspension for steroid use. While his time outside the ring was ultimately reduced to 18 months, Diaz has still actively promoted marijuana.

Rob Van Dam (Wrestling)

Outside the Olympic Games, the business of professional wrestling is built on staged fighting and epic (sometimes goofy) stories. Nevertheless, the men who train to beat each other to a pulp for the show have to train extensively for these performances. ECW and WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam believes that marijuana is the key to his successful training, as the drug has helped him stay calm and focused inside and outside the ring. Following a short suspension in 2006 (for a marijuana-related arrest), Van Dam has still continued to promote the drug as a good relaxant.

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