Fashion shows and photo shoots are only a few of the glamorous, high-end events that gather some of the most beautiful and refined models on the planet. For many young girls, these ethereal beauties are role models and examples of grace and perfection. How many times did you look at a magazine cover and (secretly) wish you were the lovely lady making the headlines? There is a dark side to fame, fortune, and mass love, however. Maintaining a cramped schedule and being pushed from one shoot to the next can instigate exhaustion and boredom, particularly for teenage-aged models just starting their careers. At times, drugs are the answer to the undying quest for energy and invigoration, at a cost. Here are three famous models who suffered from drug addiction and/or alcoholism at some point.

Kate Moss

For many of you, the fact that this name is attached to addiction is not surprising. During the height of her career, supermodel Kate Moss abused a variety of drugs, even spearheading the infamous “heroin chic” movement (characterized by near-anorexic, skinny women). While Moss never directly admitted to using heroin, infamous photos of the model snorting cocaine (or what appeared to be coke) impacted her work. Now 39 years old, Moss has still retained her beauty and appears to be back on track.

Jamie King

Blonde beauty Jamie King has made an art form out of turning heads. However, from ages 14 to 19, the lovely model began a dark descent into heroin addiction at the highest point of her career. So, how did she get back on the rails and ride to recovery? King was greatly impacted by the death of David Sorrenti, a renowned fashion photographer and her then-boyfriend. After his unfortunate passing, King made the difficult and life-saving decision to quit heroin for good.

Naomi Campbell

This infamous supermodel has certainly made her presence known in the fashion world. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is particularly infamous for a string of violent assaults and undergoing session after session of anger management classes. Besides a severe addiction to cocaine, Campbell has also opened up about alcohol addiction. While the model never believed she was an alcoholic (deep down), she realized that cocaine and alcohol were idealistic partners for her troubled mind.

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