When it comes to Hollywood, movies not only serve as a means of entertainment but also produce meaningful and insightful lessons (sometimes through humorous or dramatic material). On that note, some of the most memorable films (rightfully so) are those that have focused on drug abuse, addiction, or experimentation. From comedies like The Hangover (2011) to dramas like The Wrestler (2008), movies have taken us on funny or tear-jerking moments that have made us think twice about drugs (or piqued others’ curiosity). Let’s take a look at some classic “stoner films” that focused on the influence of marijuana (in a positive or negative light).

Reefer Madness (1936)

Any movie buff worth his salt will be aware of this underground classic. Initially funded by a church in Texas as part of a PSA campaign, the anti-drug screenplay that would become Reefer Madness was discovered by Dwain Esper (an infamous B-movie director). Ultimately, he and his team redeveloped the script to emphasize strong violence, sex, and (of course) pot use. Initially, the tale of a couple who sells pot to teens and the ensuing mayhem resulting from a drug that (for the most part) incites every feeling but the violent behavior was anything but beloved. Only after its re-discovery in 1971 did Reefer Madness earn its cult status as an unintentionally funny drug film. Who would have thought a PSA for marijuana could be so serious and hilarious at the same time?

Easy Rider (1969)

THREE MOVIES THAT FOCUS ON THE INFLUENCE OF MARIJUANAAlmost 33 years after the first release of Reefer Madness, in the 1970s, a little film called Easy Rider had already started to make headlines. In fact, some critics argue it was the jumping point from exploitation films to independent masterpieces and a godfather of “motorcycle films.” Generations of movie fans are familiar with the iconic image of Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda majestically riding across a desert roadway. Even today, the infamous campfire scene in which Hopper and Fonda coax a young Jack Nicholson into trying marijuana for the first time is legendary in American culture. Resting on the notion that pot is not addictive, the three begin to converse about everything from global domination to aliens from Venus. What makes this scene even more significant is the fact that all three actors were smoking tons of weed while shooting this scene.

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