When you think about the string of action stars and leading men in movies today, Tom Hardy definitely stands out from the crowd. First captivating science fiction fans in Star Trek: Nemesis, this immensely talented actor has managed to leave audiences spellbound or make them roar with excitement. Back in 2015, Hardy had big shoes to fill when he took on the role of Max Rockatansky in the acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road, and he impressed mystery lovers everywhere in the brain-box thriller Inception. Still, like his comic book portrayals of Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) and Venom (Venom), Hardy has been victimized by addictive substances. Let’s take a closer look at what the beloved actor had to say about his big-time trouble with drugs and alcohol.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears…Literally

In 2018, Hardy marked the 13th anniversary of his sobriety on his calendar and described addiction as a chronic disease that must always be bridled. Although he officially quit drugs and alcohol in 2003, he explains how his life had reached a melting point, resulting in the destruction of his marriage and his emotional state. What was his wakeup call? According to Hardy, the year he entered rehab was the same year he woke to find himself in a pool of his vomit and blood (at the Soho in London). As Hardy explains, he had always been getting into trouble as a kid and a teen (including periods in jail for gun possession and violent behavior).

Now, Hardy explains how his tattoos serve as scars of battle, so to speak. Each one reminds him of how much he has succeeded in his sobriety.

Darkness of the Soul

TOM HARDY DISCUSSES HIS BIG-TIME TROUBLE WITH DRUGS AND ALCOHOL Needless to say, Tom Hardy drove down his personal Fury Road during his time as an active addict. About 7 years ago, the actor admitted he would have sold his mother for crack cocaine, a notion that disturbs him to this day. Although he’s managed to tame the beast called addiction, Hardy has described life as sitting with a 400-pound orangutan perched on his back. He feels grateful that he never wound up on the wrong side of the law or died. In a sense, Hardy really has discovered how to fight demons, and not just the ones on the screen.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Addiction or Alcoholism

Alcohol and drugs are complicated and dangerous parts of society, but, unfortunately, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, we humans have the gift of choice, the ability to be able to say “no” to things that can destroy our bodies. In the case of people who do suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism, though, you can find ways to help yourself. You can still “say no” to drugs and alcohol, even in your dreadful emotional and physical state. With a little patience and (most importantly) self-love, you can get the help you need and get on your feet again.

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