For many people, breaking free from the violent grip of drug addiction is a chance to start life all over again and to make up for past mistakes. No one can deny the terrible and nearly fatal side effects of drugs. Still, if the recovery process has taught us anything, it is that human beings (regardless of pressure or initial weakness) can overcome anything. Perhaps there is no better example of physical strength and power than some of our beloved athletes. From basketball players to Olympic gold medal swimmers, young people view these titans as role models and symbols of self-preservation, and when a titan can put his life back together after a terrible ordeal, thousands of people may feel a bit more motivated. Here is a look at two all-star athletes who beats the odds against addiction.

Brett Favre

TWO ALL-STAR ATHLETES WHO HAVE STRUGGLED WITH ADDICTIONThe champion quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Favre is a renowned athlete who dedicated a majority of his life to all American football. Shockingly, though, the former NFL player admitted to struggling with opioid addiction, although his descent into this problem was not intentional. During his career, Favre suffered multiple injuries and needed prescription painkillers to cope with severe pain. To function properly, Favre said he was consuming 15 Vicodin (2 weeks’ worth of a prescription) on a daily basis. Eventually, the quarterback successfully completed rehab before returning to the NFL.

Anthony Ervin

Olympic gold medal swimmer Anthony Ervin had initially taken drugs to cope with symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome but eventually turned to alcohol abuse as another resort. After opening up about additional problems with sex addiction, the swimmer took the next step with rehabilitation. Once he successfully completed the program, Ervin returned to the Olympic Games and reached 5th place. Since that time, the gold medalist continues to struggle with a tendency toward addiction but has found solace in being a swimming coach to children.

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