Every year (and perhaps every day), people are finding creative and dangerous ways to play around with marijuana. From the seemingly harmless edibles to the potentially explosive honey oil, new forms of the drug “weed” are popping up all over the place. Besides making new forms for the drug, however, people are exploring different purposes for smoking it. Recent studies show that Americans are taking some very bizarre turns with marijuana use, even including fluffy four-legged friends in on the action. Let’s take a closer look at two bizarre ways people are using this potentially addictive drug. The entries might shock you.

Breaking Cigarette Habits

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that people have an immensely difficult time breaking away from nicotine, with a minimum of 6% finding success on their own. Recently, however, CDC trials have been looking at marijuana as an alternative medication for ditching the cigarettes. This idea mirror a 2017 study that showed that 40% of tobacco smokes were able to break their habit after using a CBD inhaler. A smaller study reinforced this data by revealing that 800 mg of cannabinoids may have reduced urges to smoke.

While no definitive evidence has linked marijuana with lung cancer (like tobacco), doctors still warn people about the potential harms marijuana can inflict on the human mind. Likewise, researchers warn that smoking marijuana can potentially lead to cigarette use.

Feeding Weed to Pets

Did you know that there is actually a marijuana market for pets? According to recent studies, Americans are feeding the drug to their fluffy friends to treat unpleasant conditions like anxiety and depression (which have been recorded in animals). Additional studies revealed that 44% of people applauded the success of the drug as a form of medicine for their animals. (In 2017, pet marijuana sales soared to $13 million and have been predicted to increase to a staggering $125 million in 2020).

Besides a study produced by Cornell University in 2017, very few studies about the effectiveness of “animal marijuana” exist, but scientists have revealed that cats and dogs have endocannabinoid systems just like us (which means they can successfully process the drug). Keep in mind, though, that marijuana toxicosis in canines increased from 2005 to 2010. Likewise, doctors have confirmed that dogs could suffer greatly from the toxic substances in marijuana (as they have more cannabinoid receptors than other pets).

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