Besides inflicting a string of diseases and health problems on the human body and wreaking havoc on pocketbooks, alcoholic drinks happen to be one of the most crippling aspects of our society, in general. Consider how much damage these intoxicating beverages wreak on our world. When a man or women is living with an alcoholic spouse, their marriage and family ties can be permanently affected (on both sides, at times). Likewise, this substance (one of the most widespread legal drugs) can have a profound impact on private communities and college campuses (where binge drinking is especially popular). Also, let’s not forget the profound impact of booze on the health care system. Let’s take a closer look at some more specific examples of his alcohol affects society.

Bad Binge Drinking

Simply put, the United States suffers from a social drinking epidemic. Based on current reports, an estimated 14 million people suffer from a form of alcohol use disorder, while about 88,000 yearly deaths are connected to these drinks. Besides alcoholism, however, researchers stress that 75% of excessive drinking in America involve binge drinking.

Skyrocketing Healthcare

UNDERSTANDING HOW ALCOHOL AFFECTS SOCIETYReports indicate that alcohol consumption can trigger 25 chronic and severe health problems. In general, these painful diseases and illnesses include mental conditions, heart disease, digestive diseases, diabetes, stroke. Likewise, people who excessively consume alcohol are putting themselves at risk for a variety of cancers.

(Keep in mind that alcohol-related accidents and injuries account for a staggering $25 billion of alcohol-related health care in the United States.)

Violence Is a Virus

Besides inflicting countless accidental injuries, alcohol is also a trigger for dangerous situations that result in intentional injuries. Various studies have confirmed that physical abuse is directly linked to alcohol on many occasions. In fact, alcohol-related violence accounts for another $25 billion in the criminal justice system budget.

Trickle-Down Effect

Like an infection, alcohol use disorders breed in homes and apartments before creeping into the community and cities, where the public suffers from the full effects. Research studies confirm that alcohol-related violence is a huge trigger for spousal abuse and violence, child abuse/neglect, and social violence. In other words, everybody suffers from this problem, or will at some point.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

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