understanding the length of time CBD stays in your body

Modern research indicates that CBD appears in your system just 30 minutes after the first dose. When researchers administered 10 mg of both THC and CBD to various subjects, the drugs were detectable all at once, yet the THC levels were noticeably higher. 

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis; in some instances, you get both CBD and THC in marijuana products. However, you can also obtain CBD by itself, even in states where marijuana is illegal. CBD does not have the same effects on the brain as THC, and many tests don’t even screen for THC. But as a general rule, CBD stays in your system for about the same duration of time as THC. 

  • CBD Detection in Urine

CBD stays in urine for between 13 and 90 days. These numbers are based on how long THC stays in your system. This wide range is based on frequency of use. When you use a lot of cannabis, the cannabinoids build up and stay in your system longer. 

After a single use, THC is usually only detectable in your urine for up to 13 days. Regular users have it in their urine for about 45 days. Heavy users have it in their urine for up to three months. However, the results are not the same for everybody. Many other factors affect how long cannabinoids stay in your system. 

  • CBD Detection in Saliva

CBD stays in your saliva for a few hours. Again, this is based on how long THC stays in your saliva. Again, the way you ingest the drug affects how soon it shows up and how long it stays in your system

With vaping, CBD is detectable in your system in 5 to 10 minutes, but it also vanishes quickly. If you take CBD under your tongue, it gets absorbed by your mucous membrane. It digests slowly and leaves your system slowly. When you swallow CBD products, they metabolize faster. That means they show up sooner and leave your system sooner. No matter which way you consume it or abuse it, the use of CBD is not a safe practice and can greatly interfere with your overall health and wellbeing. 

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