Since the great debate about marijuana began in our country, lawmakers have been split down the middle regarding whether this drug should be legalized or kept restricted. At this time, President Trump and his staff are investigating the negative repercussions for the drug (as a public safety tactic), while officials from the Midwest are considering if the drug should be permitted for medical use. Two states that have spearheaded the pro-marijuana movement are California and Colorado, where recreational and medical pot is allowed. However, in recent events, a U.S. lawyer has come forward with a claim that Colorado’s cannabis laws might be a little too soft and ineffective. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

Too Many Loopholes

UNITED STATES LAWYER SAYS MARIJUANA LAWS IN COLORADO ARE TOO SOFTOn October 3, 2018, federal prosecutor Bob Troyer stated that Colorado’s cannabis laws have too many loopholes that could shield criminal activities and endanger residents. Likewise, he explained he is troubled by how marijuana sellers account for spoiled products and the leniency towards home growers in the state. According to Troyer, these two circumstances open opportunities for black market dealers to appear. The U.S. lawyer is goading lawmakers to make changes in the first state to legalize broad sales of the drug.

In the interview with Associated Press, Troyer emphasized that licensed individuals should still fall under the scrutiny of a public safety analysis. In recent events, police have still uncovered illegal dealers operating from residential homes. Likewise, Troyer has expressed concern that some products could be appealing for individuals younger than 21 years.

Some Changes Have Been Made

Nevertheless, some critical changes have apparently been brought into action by lawmakers in the State of Colorado. In 2017, officials declared that people can only grow 16 marijuana plants (for medical use) in their homes, ensuring greater difficulties for producing the drug outside state regulations. Meanwhile, new reports suggest that spoiled cannabis decreased from 9.2% (2015) to 1.9% (2017), a strong indicator of compliance amongst producers and a positive changes in systems that regulate the cannabis industry in the state.

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