When it comes to big business, one of the corporations that are currently seated at the top of the retail and groceries throne is Wal-Mart. Since its big boom in business, the store has spread across the United States (including locations in Alaska and Hawaii) and has set up shop in over twenty countries. With its variety of products ranging from crochet needles to organic tomatoes for bargain prices, this chain has become nothing short of a global phenomenon. So, you will probably not be surprised to hear that Walmart may be entering the legal marijuana trend by selling (you guessed it) cannabis-infused products in certain locations. Let’s take a closer look and see how America’s stores are approaching the marijuana industry.

CBD All the Way

Recently, the Canadian branch of the billion-dollar corporation announced that it is eager to take a spot in the growing cannabis plots in North America. However, the company has not developed any detailed plans for exploring this market. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Diane Medeiros (Walmart Canada spokeswoman) explained that Walmart officials are conducting preliminary research on this opportunity and are exploring options for selling CBD (cannabidiol) products.

Keep in mind that CBD is the second most powerful drug in marijuana but does not produce psychoactive effects like its cousin THC. At this time, multiple corporations from a variety of industries (including makeup and beverages) are interested in using CBD products to test the success of marijuana sales in stores (and to ensure safety for the public).

Critical Time for Canada

Canada Walmart’s recent announcement was released in perfect coordination with the recent legalization of weed in the country. On October 17, 2018, Canada officially became the first G2 country to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use across all regions and territories. Furthermore, Walmart has joined the ranks of other companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which have expressed interest in creating cannabis drinks.

While the Canadian branch is not planning to sell CBD yet, the company is providing soil for people who plan to grow marijuana at home.

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