Although there are many things to keep in mind during recovery, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is arguably the most important. You know you need to make healthier choices, but it’s not always that easy. From staying physically active, to eating right, to developing better relationships there are many decisions to be made. Here’s a list of five ways you can stay healthy:

Stick to regular mealtimes and schedules

One of the simplest things you can do for yourself during recovery is to set an eating schedule and stick to it. According to MedlinePlus, poor eating habits contribute to higher rates of relapse. To alleviate this, you should maintain regular mealtimes. Having a set time that you sit down to eat will relieve anxiety and will naturally help you make healthier choices because you won’t be grabbing food on the go.

Avoid toxic or codependent relationships

If you are still hanging out with the same friends as when you were using but expecting different results, you are setting yourself up for failure. According to Very Well Mind, your best bet is to cut ties with those former associates. Instead, focus on making new friends through your recovery program or other organizations you participate in. These new friends will be more likely to support you in your efforts because they have nothing to gain from your use of drugs or alcohol.


Find an exercise that works for you and keep at it. You might walk, run, do yoga, ride a bicycle, or lift weights. The idea is to find an activity that gets your heart pumping and encourages clean energy and oxygen to flow through your body.

Manage your anger, stress, and other emotions

According to WebMD, when you are tense you are more likely to do what is familiar. For someone that has previously struggled with addiction what is familiar might be using. Recovery is a great time to find out what pushes your buttons and to learn how to stay open to new ways of coping. It may not be possible to have everything run smoothly all the time. In fact, it will probably be nearly impossible. However, if you realize that you need downtime between tasks or appointments you can set those for yourself to alleviate some anxiety that comes with jumping from place to place. Or, if you know you are regularly stressed by traffic, which triggers a desire to use, you might get into your car with a meditation tape or program a radio station that plays calming music into your stereo.


Make peace with your past

Don’t let your past ruin your future. According to Very Well Mind, the shame and guilt associated with your past use can hinder any chance of recovery if not dealt with properly. Take time to address the things you’re not proud of and the things you are.

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